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Articles by Dean Kellio

     The sun was just a dot in the sky as heat waves fell on them like heat given off by a red hot branding iron. The earth was cracked and dry, parched and had turned into what resembled lunar dust. With each step the preacher took, through the powdery dirt, his heals kicked up a small cloud behind him. The crops had withered and were failing due to the lack of rain. The cattle too, would soon have to be slaughtered for lack of food and water. Everywhere wells were drying up and squirrels suffered for the slightest drop of water to fall.

Many men and women are obsessed with fishing. It’s not just a shallow pastime for them but a much more spiritual endeavor that demands knowledge, the right tackle, and practice. Serious fishermen will always be looking to buy a better boat, browse the sporting goods isle in search of that one perfect lure and camp near mosquito infested lakes, streams and ponds just for the thrill of catching fish.

     Pitfalls are everywhere in our lives and especially in the life of King David. David was thirty years old when he became king. He reigned forty years over all the tribes of Israel. David was characterized as a passionate man of God. He usually followed God’s word and direction and ended living a long, full life.

Getting along in life, getting older is getting interesting for me these days. Besides new aches and pains popping up every morning I find that my memory is not what it used to be. I spend many long meditative moments peering out into the garage unable to recall what it was I went out there for in the first place. I also make several trips back inside the house to check the stove and coffee pot were turned off and that I locked the front door.

     Because your reading the faith section in The Alpine Sun then you probably consider yourself a Christian or your searching for truth or maybe just bored and looking for something to read. If your just looking for something to read let me get you caught up. Last week we were discussing what it means to be a Christian, a follower of Christ and listening for His voice. We looked at the importance of not just talking about bible verses but how we need to walk in the words we hear from the Master putting them into action in our own lives.