American hated newspaper’s ‘comic’


Eeks! I think you may have been either drunk, under the influence, or sleeping at your job. While you were away, someone must have hijacked your computer and let this go through!

*insert September comic….*

I just wanted to touch base and see your thoughts on the comic on the latest Alpine Sun newspaper? (Editorial Cartoon, Sept. 3)

As an American, I hated it!

But if I supported Nazi Germany, it was beautifully spot on.

If I supported segregation I would say…I look forward to your next piece on how to further divide us all.

As an Alpine citizen…I’d say good luck going forward. Stay off MSM, do some actual research, love your neighbor, say some prayer, and I’m so sorry the extra unemployment benefits just ended.

Amanda Quance Alpine

Offensive, harmful

“The phrase— “I told you so— ”depicted in a cartoon to a Covid patient is extremely offensive! It has been shown that statements like this, are doing more harm than good in curtailing the Covid spread. Tactics, such as scolding, shaming, punishing, making examples of; are unacceptable when it comes to vaccines and mask enforcement. Instead— reassurance, encouragement, and concrete examples need to be used as the models for getting the vaccine and mask wearing. I am disappointed that a small town paper would resort to publishing such a biased viewpoint.

Annette Gilbert Alpine

Why vaccinations stalled

I want to echo the sentiments of last week’s letter-to-editor writer Sylvia Asaro, about the tasteless COVID cartoon that ran in the September 3, 2021 issue.

It is actually a good indicator on why vaccination efforts have stalled. While gleeful gloating may feel good, it does a great disservice to the larger purported agenda of wanting to get everyone protected. Hard to argue you care about them when you are mocking them.

Secondly, another way to improve vaccination rates would be to recognize natural immunity, and change the conversation from ‘vaccinated vs. unvaccinated’ to ‘protected vs. unprotected.’ The fact that public-health officials and politicians refuse to acknowledge natural immunity for the Covid-recovered (despite numerous studies, e.g., Cleveland Clinic and the study out of Israel) is telling of the rampant politicization of this issue.

Lastly, I would urge all readers to speak with their doctors to have their Vitamin D levels checked. While there is a rush to herd people towards masks and vaccines, the media and public-health officials are strangely silent on the well-documented benefits of Vitamin D.

Blessings to all, and hoping The Alpine Sun takes a more balanced, ‘higher road’ approach in any future editorial cartoons.

Mary Davis Alpine

American hated newspaper’s ‘comic’


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