Carpenters Corner: The Keys

Editor’s note: This column was previously published in 2019


Have you ever asked the ques­tion “why am I here”? Many times during my life while struggling through some trial or tribulation I end up asking that question. Life can be such a struggle for so many people. You might have it easy, having been raised with silver spoon in your mouth but be advised change is coming.

Some people feel as if they are untouchable and have no reason to trust in an omnipotent God. They trust that their luxury car will start up each time the key is turned. They have no financial worries as their bank accounts keep growing up and up and end up thinking “why do I need to be­lieve in a supernatural Creator?”

Literally, the answer is blow­ing in the wind. The New Testa­ment teaches that it is the Holy Spirit’s job to draw people unto God. Although the Holy Spirit cannot be actually seen in the physical world, we can witness His influence in our lives.

Jesus once said that you can witness the wind’s influence on the leaves of a tree but you cannot actually see the source of that influence. While we live in a world filled with cause and effect, there still exist situations that defy this law and confuse our human understanding.

A car making an abrupt “U” turn is hit by a speeding truck, a rogue wave encountered by a small sailboat on the ocean, a distracted driver crossing train tracks while a speeding train is rapidly approaching are just a few examples of unknown or unforeseen circumstances that can appear unannounced in our lives.

There is one thing that you can count on… and that is that circumstances in your life will change. Many people who are now homeless never imagined that one day they would be in such condition. It’s unfortunate that society, in part, treats these desperate people with suspicion and disdain.

Throughout the history of the world, and over the last few centuries the world has seen horrific war. For the most part, world peace appears to be a dis­tant ideal that seems for the moment to be unattainable. Is the answer to lasting peace any­where to be found? Could our an­swer actually be blowing in the wind all along through unseen forces?

Guernica is a large oil paint­ing on canvas by Spanish art­ist Pablo Picasso. It pictures the suffering of people who have been involved in war. It is extremely moving and depicts the downtrodden allowing the viewer to reflect on the atroci­ties of war.

In contrast, Sunflowers, by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh depicts the beauty, light and love that is available to all those who seek it. Our world is chock full of beauty, sometimes hidden from us but mostly is right in front of us, staring us in the face.

We have been given the free will to choose right from wrong, good from evil. We have also been given the choice to help and encourage others or merci­lessly tear them apart. The pow­er to make change is within us.

Love is a gift from God. Many believe that humans are inca­pable on their own merit to love others and that it is only as the unseen power of the Holy Spirit flows through us that we can im­part love to others.

It has been said that love is a rose and we better not pick it, it only grows when it’s on the vine. Jesus said that His Father is the Vine dresser, He is the vine and we are the branches. It is only when we stay connected to the True Vine that love can flow through us through the power of the Holy Spirit.

When we act selfishly, being concerned with only our own in­terests we miss the purpose that we were created…that is to love one another. Even though life isn’t always a beautiful fragrant rose garden we still can choose to be a sweet smelling influence on the world around us.

By being positive, building up people, being kind and consider­ate and by letting God’s love flow through us to others then and only then will God’s kingdom be come here on earth. God’s plan is eternal, perfect and created in such a way that we all have a part in it.

So the reason that we are here is to love God and love one anoth­er. In this hang all the law and the Prophets. There is only one church and Jesus Christ is the Head of that body. God’s king­dom is coming and it is only a matter of time before it arrives.

Jesus taught that at that time some will be allowed into God’s kingdom and some will be de­nied entrance. Do you know for certain where you will spend eternity?


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