Cartoon was tasteless

By Sylvia Asaro


I found the cartoon on page 5 this past week (Sept. 3, 2021) tasteless. Where do I start? The fact that you make this woman out to be a heartless b—- or how you didn’t take into consideration the trauma of someone in the hospital on a respirator with Covid? My cousin lost her husband in December. The only time she was allowed in to see her husband is when the doctors told her to come and say goodbye. The fact that you or anyone would find this cartoon comical is disgusting. When someone is put on a respirator it is usually not a good thing. The last thing a spouse would be telling her loved one is I told you so. This cartoon shows your bias. Not a good look. Thank goodness this was a free paper. Otherwise I would have stopped service.

Sylvia Asaro


Cartoon was tasteless


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