County Supervisor Joel Anderson tackles fire district tax

Joel Anderson

Hello friends. As you may know, I was recently sworn in on January 4 to represent you on the San Diego County Board of Su­pervisors after the retirement of former Supervisor Dianne Jacob who served our community well. I wanted to take a moment and let you know of the ways that my office can be of assistance to you.

Many of you may know me from my service as an assem­blyman and state senator in the California Legislature. I have been a longtime grassroots advo­cate for issues that I, and many East County San Diegans, care about. In every position I’ve held, I promised my constituents that I was not in office to become a potted plant and, regardless of the political environment I am in, my goal is to make government work for East County residents. With dozens of bills passed, landmark legislation authored, and thousands of constituent is­sues resolved, I am proud of the service my team provided and I will continue this same approach serving you now as supervisor.

In the first two months since being sworn-in, I have built out a wonderful staff and they are ready to serve you. Many are not aware how our office may be of assistance, so I’d like to share an example.

Just days after coming into office, it was brought to my at­tention that residents of Alpine were being assessed and billed for fire services provided by both the County of San Diego Fire Authority and the Alpine Fire District. I immediately contacted the County Assessor’s office to investigate and act on the issue. I also sent letters to all the affected constituents, in­forming them of this situation. As a result, the problem was resolved, and Alpine residents are no longer being taxed twice for the same services.

Since January, my office has been able to assist constitu­ents with several issues and no task is too small, we want to do what we can to help as quickly as possible. Not only do I represent your concerns at the Super visors’ board meetings, but my job and pri­ority is to serve as a resource to you. If you have any County issues with which you need assistance, please contact my office as we are here to help. You can contact me using the form on my website at www.supervisorjo­, which I will also keep updated with important in­formation and helpful community resources.

Again, it’s an honor to serve and I look forward to hearing from you.

County Supervisor Joel Anderson tackles fire district tax


  1. The truth be told you just got the vote for the 623 acre Jacumba solar farm pushed through .This will bring additional 30 degrees heat and could make the area uninhabitable for senior residents.The sad part is you Mr.Anderson do not give a rats ass about the good multi generational residents who looked for you at all the meetings on this topic ,and you never showed .The appeal I believe is in process but you need to step up and insist on the 4 million +4% of annual revenue involving the solar farm.The east side boundary for panels is to be moved 2 miles east as to be not so overbearing to residents and town visitors .I know that east county people don’t like being hoodwinked and they would be quite obliged to have those minor stipulations added to the contract


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