Hive mind plans 2019 Alpine Queen Bee Brunch

Sue Hobbs and Beckie Woods discussed plans for the upcoming 2019 Queen Bee Brunch.

New-bee Chairperson Beckie Woods sat with Sue Hobbs one recent Thursday morning to plan some secret surprises for the 2019 Queen Bee Brunch that will be held May 18 at the Al­pine Community Center.

Hobbs talked with delight about seeing all the differently-themed tables come together under the direction of the Wom­an’s Club, the Chamber of Com­merce, the Community Center, and other Alpine groups.

“It is so neat to have people come in and exclaim over the different table themes: one might have honeybees on it and another might have a western theme and they’re all just beau­tifully done,” Hobbs said.

This marks the third year the community center has hosted the brunch and according to Hobbs, the event has grown in scope each year. To continue that growth, Woods joined as an event specialist.

“We can definitely say that we’re building on this event… It’s not a tea anymore, it is a brunch with a full list of planned events and activities for this year,” Woods said.

Woods spoke of her plans to include local gardeners with in­formation on pollinators such as butterflies. The Alpine Garden Club will be providing a speaker on the topic of utilizing pollina­tion friendly plants in home gar­dens.

“Monarch butterflies are huge right now and I want to in­clude the garden club because not everyone is into bees but the larger idea of pollinators might reach other people,” Woods said.

Carolyn Connelly of Hope Su­perfoods will be speaking on the health benefits of super foods.

According to University of California Department of Agri­culture and Natural Resources, honey bees are a primary pol­linator for one third of human-consumed food in North America. The USDA reports the value of annual honey production in the United States to be more than $315 million and research has shown managed honey bees contribute over $14.6 billion to crop production.

“There would not (be) healthy food to eat if there were no bees,” Connelly said.

Local beekeeper Richard Ed­words will also share informa­tion on the history of beekeep­ing in Alpine, and Amanda Col­lins of Backyard Beekeeping Ballarat will offer information on the topic in general.

In addition to the planned speakers, the brunch will fea­ture a fashion show, put on this year by KC’s Closet of Alpine, but with a surprise twist for at­tendees. Live music will be pro­vided by pianist Sharon Halver­son of Halverson Piano Studio, and a silent auction is planned for the event.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Alpine Community Center with Honorary Mayor of Alpine Linda Cioffi serving as Master of Ceremonies for the day.

Hive mind plans 2019 Alpine Queen Bee Brunch


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