Thought for the Week: A grateful heart

I’d like us to be aware and focus on our hearts this week. Primarily in recognition that it is in the heart where we find our deepest and truest wisdom. It is in our heart where we feel that unending loving energy that gives us Life Itself. When we truly connect with accepting that God/Love is ever present, no matter what is going on, no matter what the appearance, no matter any and everything, we can then be available to receive and reflect that Love back out to others and into the world of our affairs.

When we are thus connected to Spirit, we find a natural welding up of gratitude. Being grateful and thankful is just another term for Love. As we focus our attention on oneness with all that is true, whole, and holy, we experience more of that energy in our lives. This is what is meant by bringing heaven to earth. Heaven is right here among us in full force when we but choose to focus on that Reality. But then again, we are always at choice as to the direction and inclination of that upon which we focus.

Gratitude is an attitude of accepting what is. Of opening our conscious awareness of all the grand and glorious gifts God has bestowed upon us. Take for instance the sunrise on Tuesday morning. Here in Alpine it was a glorious splendor of pink and blue turning to coral and orange with a beautiful shade of blue interspersed. We are privileged to be witness to this magnificent canvas upon which God paints. In just a few moments however, these beautiful hews change – gone from sight, but not our consciousness.

That’s where I want you to reside – in that consciousness of accepting the Divine Hand is woven in and through everything and everyone. That there is no disconnect possible unless we close our vision to It. Practice the Presence opening your heart to the Love flowing in, around and through you.

Say with me: “I am eternally grateful knowing the Life of God is moving through and as all. I am living in heaven on earth. Peace and joy exude through every part of my being and I simply give thanks. And it is so.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: A grateful heart


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