Thought for the Week: Angels in disguise

I’m sure we’re all familiar with angels – those heavenly messen­gers and aids that can guide and protect us mortals here on earth. You may, or may not believe in the reality of heavenly angels, but if you stop and think about it, there is vast evidence that an­gels do exist right here on earth. I’m speaking of those individu­als who are the first to volunteer to help an organization or friend or neighbor. These angels in disguise look like anyone else, but their hearts and hands have a giving essence and energy about them that distinguishes them from others.

If you’re one of these “angels in disguise” you may not even recognize it yourself – but oth­ers do. You probably just think it’s natural and normal to lend a helping hand, go the extra mile, or just be there for someone else. Sadly these “angels” are not as prevalent as one would hope. It is said that in any organization, typically 20% of the people do 80% of the work. I would have to agree.

I’d like you to honestly look at yourself and see if you are in the 20% or the 80% bracket when it comes to giving of your time, talent and energy. If you are in the 20% “angel in disguise” category I applaud you. If you are in the 80% cat­egory I’d like you to consider finding a way or two to amp up your involvement with your giving of your gifts and talents. It’s amazing what doing for others will do for you! If you’re down or trou­bled one of the best ways to pull yourself back up is by getting involved with help­ing others or a favorite cause.

Say with me: “I look for ways to be of help to those around me. I easily volunteer to pitch in and give however I can to help my favorite or­ganizations run smoother. Giving the gift of my time uplifts me and others in sometimes surprising ways. For this I am grateful.”

Thought for the Week: Angels in disguise


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