Thought for the Week: As I give

Love, that creative sustaining divine energy is everywhere present and therefore within all – including each and every one of us – whether we are aware of It or not. It is the only power and presence there is. In our humanness, however, we have created a notion of duality, that there is Love and something else. We base this notion on our judgments. Jesus Christ, the master teacher, told us to judge with “right judgment”.

Many times our first and initial judgements are with ourselves. Have you ever heard these tapes playing in your head? “What was I thinking? How stupid was that? I’ll never get it right! He/She hurt me. Love isn’t worth the hurt.” Going from there we are all capable of taking it a step further and judging others as well.

As within – so without. If I am critically judging myself or others then I have slipped into duality thinking which is a slippery slope. When we open our hearts and minds to accepting that beneath the outer covering of our personality there lies within a pristine soul that is traveling this road of eternity to the best of its ability. There lies with us all the pure essence of unconditional love that rejoices in the truth.

This week practice letting go of criticism of self and others. This week throw your arms around yourself and give yourself a warm and fuzzy hug. Be kind to yourself. Love the innocent child with you. As you start loving yourself in this manner, you will automatically be able to unconditionally love others as well.

Say with me: “Today I let go of criticism – period. I look beneath the appearances to see the innocent child within myself and others. As I give love, I receive love. I am happy and grateful that this is so.”

— Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine

Church of Spiritual Living


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