Thought for the Week: Be light

As we round out the theme of To Be Free for this month, I thought it appropriate to look at the topic of “Be Light.” There are various angles to look at this subject. One being from simply a physical standpoint. Stop and just take a moment to consider the amount of “stuff” you have in your possession. The longer we live the more “stuff” we seem to accumulate. I sometimes envy those people who keep a very simple lifestyle, who own few possessions. It seems just when I pat myself on the back for clearing out a cupboard or two, I look in another room and see more things that could be cleared out. Letting go of physi­cal items absolutely lightens our load and frees us in so many ways.

What about the agendas and items on our “To Do List”? In a way 2020 was a relief for many of us who tend to go and do too much. Lightening our commit­ments to run to and fro frees us to be available for what Life is bringing us in the moment.

To be light emotionally and mentally is another aspect that brings us personal freedom. The key to being light in these areas is to simply live in the ever present now. When we weigh ourselves down with past regrets or future worries, we miss the gifts Life is giving us right here and now.

As we release burdens from any of the above categories, we find a lightness that comes forth from within us. When we shine our Light from within, we can see clearly where and how to navigate through this life. When we allow this Light to beam brightly, perhaps we can be of help and guide others as well along their path.

Say with me: “I free myself from excess things and mental and emotional baggage as I live in the ever present now. In this way I am available to shine the Light from within me and life is a joy!”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Be light


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