Thought for the Week: Being free

Life is for living. Life is for loving. Life is for being — period. I’m not sure who first brought forth the following idea, but it’s a good one. We are human beings – not human doings. The topic this Sunday is “Being Free.” That means to me that beneath all the strappings and trappings that life brings and offers us, we will retain and remain with our sanity when we have the wherewithal to continually free ourselves of self-imposed restrictions from within.

The inner being of us all is pure Spirit. I capitalize that because it is a Divine Spirit giving us and everything Life itself. Acknowledging, worshiping, and leaning on this infinite power and presence is a freeing agent that brings a peace beyond description. We get in trouble when we think we can live life from our own accord. Continually tapping into our Higher Self (or whatever you want to call it) brings a sweet confidence to all our endeavors for we know there is a greater Power living Itself through us.

Take the time and intention to follow your inner guidance. Realize Life is continually moving forward and therefore so must we. As we release the old, we can be free to be in this moment and the next and the next. Nothing binds us more than our own limited acceptance of what Life has to offer. This Life is infinite in nature. At our heart and soul we are eternally free to simply be and to experience infinity.

Say with me: “I am free to be whatever Life brings to me. I trust and know I am divinely guided in all my endeavors and for this I am grateful. I glow with confidence as I release and step forward with ease and grace. And it is so.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Being free


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