Thought for the Week: Confident living

Our theme this month has been “Stepping Out in Faith” and this Sunday’s message is “Confident Living.” To me these two ways of being blend and mold together to form the most beautiful dance of Life. When I think of confident living, I see a person who is steeped in an aura of sureness that doesn’t come from the ego but comes from somewhere and something deep within.

How many times I’ve looked at another and wished I had their confidence and grace of living? And then many times shortly thereafter I also realize that they too might surely have moments or even seasons of doubt, question, and uncertainty. For the tides, winds of change, and seasons of life ebb and flow with us all. It is a wise and helpful practice to remember to remember that as a normal human being, I will experience the gambit of human emotions. I will inevitably say or do something that doesn’t show my true whole and holy Self. That I can accept myself just as I am, knowing that I and all are doing the very best we can at any moment based on our level of consciousness at the time.

That is why I set my priority to go within daily to wash away and clear out the debris of yesterday that might cling and linger on my being so that I may be open and available to giving and receiving the gifts of Spirit that abound and surround at all times in all places. When I set my small ego aside, I can actually live in the present moment without drama, tension, angst or fear. There is then a clarity of the Presence taking the lead and guiding my every thought, word, and deed. It is in this frame of mind and willingness that true confidence, true knowing, true divine grace, comes forth to be a blessing to myself and others.

Say with me: “As I daily, and perhaps even hourly, remember to remember my true Holy nature, I let and allow my Higher Self to come forth to live in as and through me. I am blessed and am a blessing. And it is so.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Confident living


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