Thought for the Week: Cosmic family

There’s an old saying: “You can pick your friends but not your family.” True, it appears that we don’t have a say or a vote as to the human family into which we are born – or do we? That my dear friends can be debated un­til the cows come home!

Our topic this week is Cosmic Family as it relates to the theme for June of Conscious Connec­tions. Whether by conscious choice or not, our family of ori­gin is our first arena of learning on this earth plane. Our “les­sons” from our family, whether as a child or an adult will con­tinually be presented, it will be up to each of us though, to glean and heed the lesson.

What if we looked at not only our immediate birth family and even chosen friends that feel like family to us, but ALL as our cosmic family? What if we saw no distinction or separation between my personal Self and everyone else’s Self? Of course that’s not an easy task to do be­cause our human eyes and ears see and hear differences and dis­tinctions all the time.

Obviously right now our na­tion is facing another round of bringing light to social injustic­es. The “brother and sister” in my cosmic family has no restric­tion or exclusion as respects the color or their skin, the nature of their occupation, their place of birth or their station in life. I invite you to join me in enlarg­ing our conception of family this week to include ALL in our global community.

Say with me: “I am open to seeing and hearing others point of view. I pull the reigns back on initial negative reactions I might be feeling and instead soften my heart to ask for un­derstanding and clarity. I am available and teachable. And it is so.”

— Rev. Gay Beauregard

Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Cosmic family


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