Thought for the Week: Count the ways

The month of February has a tendency to bring up the sub­ject of love, therefore I’ve chosen “Love is in the Air” for this month’s theme. Love is both a noun and a verb in the English language making it somewhat of an anom­aly. Love is like a many faceted diamond that sparkles in the light and usually brings up feelings of happiness and soul satisfaction.

In our teaching, we easily in­terchange God and Love in the same breath for the Bible tells us God is Love. Throughout the Bi­ble we are instructed to love – to love the lord your God, love your neighbor as yourself, love your enemies, love one another, the fruit of the spirit is love and love casts out fear – just to name a few.

Since we are made in the im­age and likeness of God, that makes us Love in expression, but do we believe it? There my dear friend is the rub. We come to this earth plane with a psyche which includes an ego, telling us we are separate and apart from every­one and everything else. If we listen, even subconsciously to it, a fear factor or an egotism factor develops, causing a flight or fight response.

God is Love. I am Love. God is all. Love is all. When I bring this realization down deep into my consciousness a shift occurs. I no longer feel separate but succumb to the recognition that wherever I cast my gaze I see Love – be it my­self, my neighbor, my enemy. As we enter this month of “Love”, let us be open to allowing this Love that we are to easily flow through and from us. As we do, a healing balm is released and we are given a new lease on life for fear and judgment go back into the noth­ingness from which they came.

Say with me: “I am Love in ex­pression, therefore let me count the ways I will allow and let It spring forth from me in expected and unexpected ways bringing me a joy beyond measure. And it is so.” grateful to be a miracle worker. And it is so.”

— Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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