Thought for the Week: Deep peace

I believe that when it comes right down to it, most all of us have the same desire in life – to have a deep and abiding peace- peace of mind, peace of body and peace of relation­ships. But how does one achieve deep abiding peace in all areas of life? Could the answer be found perhaps in one of the last places we would look? For you see peace is available at any and every mo­ment, if we are open and receptive. Peace comes with the acceptance that wherever I am, God is, and all is well.

This kind of knowing doesn’t just “happen” though because as we live in the third dimensional world, our attention is drug, pulled and bounced around endlessly by things “out there”. And when our attention is “out there” we are thrown off center and out of balance. Deep and abiding peace come to us when we know there is a Power within that is giving us everything we have need of. But we must be receptive to It.

Fear and anxiety are the num­ber one reasons for any and all problems in this third dimension­al world and the greatest fear is brought about by listening to the ego telling us we are separate and apart from our Source. Fear is a belief in illusions and illusions are of our own creation.

By communing with the divine Presence within, by knowing there is only one Power of infinite Good­ness in, through and as all can we experience lasting peace. We must place our belief in the Reality that God is our all providing Source and supply. And It is good and very good.

Say with me: “There is a Power within me that is greater than any illusion or appearance on the outer and I am now led by Its grace and find deep abiding peace wherever I go. For this I am eternally grateful. And it is so.”

— Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Deep peace


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