Thought for the Week: Dive into the mystery

The merry month of May is coming to a close and with it we are rounding out the Theme of “Change Gracefully – or Not.” Hopefully we are leaning toward Gracefully. One of the most challenging aspects of change is the unknown, for our finite mind wants, yearns, craves, to know exact outcomes. And yet the Divine truly is a mystery to us all. When we, as Emerson stated, “Get our bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits,” it is in this beginner’s mind attitude that we are open, humble, and receptive to entering the Kingdom. Jesus himself taught in parables leaving room for a variety of interpretations. This was purposefully done since the Divine is beyond the human understanding. As long as we approach Life from a dualistic standpoint, there will always be misunderstanding. It would behoove us to constantly remind ourselves that we don’t know.

The mystic Catholic priest, Richard Rohr wrote: “Jesus himself consistently honored and allowed Mystery. Seven times in Matthew 13 alone, Jesus taught that Ultimate Reality (which he calls “the kingdom”) is always “like” something. He clearly offers simile and metaphor to invite further reflection and journey, not impose a single understanding. Mystery is not that which is not understandable. Mystery is that which is endlessly understandable.”

If we are to learn anything, hopefully it will be to remain open to the sweet mystery of Life. Eileen Caddy, writing the channeled work entitled, “Opening Doors Within,” advises “Move out of your little puddle and expand your consciousness. Do not be satisfied to accept just what you can understand, but be willing to go further and to step right out of your depth and do the seeming impossible. Live on the brink of something completely new.” That is diving into the Mystery, knowing and leaning on the Power within to bring you through so that we may soar to new heights of being.

Say with me: “I am willing and able to dive into the mystery of Life. I know that I don’t know and am humble and teachable to allow the divine circuits to bring me to a deeper level of accepting Life on Its terms. I welcome what Life brings and I am deeply grateful. And it is so.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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