Thought for the Week: Dynamic power

This month we’ll be studying Ernest Holmes’ book, “This Thing Called Life”. He clarifies from the beginning that he is using the word ‘Life” for “God”. He wrote: “God has been called by a thousand names, but you and I, in the discussions which follow, are to think of God as Life, the presence and power in everything, which makes everything what it is. God is Life, not some life but all Life. God is Power, not some power but all Power. God is pure Spirit, filling all space. There is a real you that lives in a real God and the two are one. To know this is to understand the secret of life. The power of spiritual thought, through faith and communion, is the most dynamic power ever discovered. The invisible passes into the visible through our faith.” To be able to see God/Life as one and to know that we are not separate but one with It brings a soul satisfaction beyond measure. Each of us is living the life of God. Each of us has our rightful place in the play of Life and the more we commune, trust, and know we are steeped in this Power, the more this Power reflects Itself back to us in joyous and incredible ways. Do you know what you have faith in? Do you know what you believe? Why not believe that Life is for us? Belief and faith work hand-in-hand to perform mighty works.

How many times did Jesus tell someone, “Your faith has made you whole” and, “It is done unto you as you believe”? Take a look at your beliefs this week. Take the time to commune with the Divine holy Spirit right within you. Ask for Its guidance and direction. Expect wonderful things to happen.

Say with me: “I know and accept that I am one with the infinite Power of the Divine. The fullness of Life now rushes through ever y cell of my body and I accept right action leads me through all of life’s journeys.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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