Thought for the Week: Emptying the vessel

June is the month of graduations, moving up from one level of maturity to the next. With that in mind, I’ve chosen “Spiritual Maturity” as this month’s Theme and this Sunday’s message as “Emptying the Vessel”. There comes a time in ev­eryone’s life when the “cup runneth over”. In over words, we have assimilated knowledge, degrees, assessments, opinions from our experiences, read­ings, and multitudes of other sources. And yet to be teachable to a higher degree takes emptying ourselves of what we think we know in order to be available to receive life’s deepest and most pro­found lessons.

Emptying the vessel takes questioning our as­sumptions in life. Ask yourself these questions: Where am I lying to myself or to others? Where am I fooling myself? Where am I in denial? Where am I pointing a finger outside of myself? Where am I demanding that the world show up as I would have it? Letting go of falsehoods, letting go of be­ing run by the demands and fears of the ego, is the first step in our growth of spiritual maturity.

Remember look to each experience and relation­ship as a learning tool. Somewhere and some­how, you have called that to yourself in order to glean the lesson and move higher to the realm of pure unconditional love, which is the pearl of great price. Be comforted by the Holy Spirit, the Comforter Within.

Learn and learn quickly to let go of attachments and specified outcomes. Recognize the life you are living is the life of Spirit, unformed, pure and perfect. Be open to allow the grace of God to flow to and through you at all times.

Say with me: “I take an honest inventory of my assessments and opinions and right here and now renounce attachments to them so I am teachable, open and pliable for Spirit to use me for Its highest good this and every day.”

— Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiri­tual Living

Thought for the Week: Emptying the vessel


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