Thought for the Week: Faith

We are now in what Christians celebrate as the Advent season which began last Sunday and continues through Christmas on Dec. 25. We are preparing ourselves for the arrival of the Christ child into our hearts at a newer and deeper level than we’ve ever previously experienced. The “Gifts of the Season” we will be exploring during the month of December at our church are those of “Faith,” “Joy,” “Love,” and “Peace.” As you go about your duties and events this coming week, recognize that everything in life begins with Faith. Hebrews Ch 11:1 states: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Everything in the material realm is first initiated in the unseen spiritual realm.
Where and how we place our faith will ultimately become evident in our experience. God sent mankind His son to show us the mighty Love He has for us. Joseph and Mary had great faith as they listened to the word of God and boldly proceeded to act upon the message from the angels to them. Be poised and expectant as they were that first Christmas to receive your own individual message that the angels are sending you today. Prepare yourself for the gift of faith by trusting in that still small voice within your heart of hearts.
Each of us has a direct line, a direct intuitive knowing with our own God presence. It takes awareness and practice to develop trust and faith in listening and following through with action when our divine Self spurs us on to move forward in a direction our mental minds might not think is the best course. But Spirit moves in mysterious ways. An “unknowing mind” is many times better equipped to be led to our highest and best.
Say with me: “I am expectant this day to receive the gift of Faith. Like Joseph and Mary as I listen to the angel voices I trust the ever present power of God to bring me to and through every apparent challenge so that my faith deepens and the glory of God is revealed this very day. And it is so.”
—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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