Thought for the Week: Feel the presence

Our feelings or emotions drive us perhaps more than we wish to acknowledge. As we continue this month through our theme of “Go Within,” this Sunday message is entitled, “Feel the Presence,” The Presence of course is another name for God, the Divine, and so on. How can we feel the Presence? I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not with your head, mind or thoughts. Feeling the Presence comes from our hearts, not our heads. How many times have you been spellbound by the expansive, glorious splendor of a sunset or sunrise?

How many times does the feeling run though your mind of sheer gratitude for this beautiful painting God orchestrated? I believe in those moments we touch the essence of the Divine and are welded up inside with a heart overflowing with love.

When we intentionally sit down to let go of worldly things and events to go within into the solitude of our being, we call this meditation. Sitting before that magnificent sunset with no agenda is a form of meditation. Walking through a forest or on the beach, watching a butterfly or bird flit and fly can all be forms of meditation when our whole being is immersed in the connection we feel with nature.

Sit in the quiet, in the stillness at various points during the day to simply still the mind and invite the Divine to come forth up and through your heart. There is nothing more rewarding and refreshing than time spent being soothed and embraced by the Divine.

Say with me: “I make it a priority to still my mind and go within to my heart where the Divine meets me with open arms. Here I can truly feel the Presence lifting me up and showering me with Her Divine Grace. How fortunate I am!”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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