Thought for the Week: Feeling grateful

“Thank you God” is the Theme for this month and a phrase we can use every single day of the year. How fortunate we are to live in this great country and enjoy the fruits of God’s creation. What wonderful blessings we have been given and recounting them increases and magnifies their presence. Have you kept or are keeping a gratitude journal? Writing down our blessings helps us feel the feeling of gratitude.

I can remember several years ago I purchased tickets to go to an event and I couldn’t find them. As the time approached when I needed to have them in my hand or not go, I asked God to help me find them. I became still and listened for that still small voice that told me to go look in a certain spot and there they were! I was so happy, I said, “Thank you God” and I distinctly heard the words back “You are welcome!” I still remember that feeling of God telling me I was welcome. I was welcome to have my needs fulfilled. I was welcome to be happy and fulfilled. I was welcome to remember I live in the Kingdom at each and every moment.

And now today as I type out these notes, I’ve been home from the hospital 4 days after having my aortic valve and a portion of the aortic artery replaced. What a process! What an experience! What a tremendous lesson in “letting go”; stepping my ego aside and just allow the moment to be – whether it was in pain, exhaustion, frustration, or the like.

What I do know coming through it is that God is in control. God is only Love and I am the off-spring of that Love. Wherever I am, God is and all is well. And guess what? I am ever so grateful!

Say with me: “I am overwhelmingly grateful for the gift of this life I have been given to live – just as it is. Let me be worthy of bringing forth my unique gifts and love in caring and supportive ways. And it is.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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