Thought for the Week: Free to serve

Our topic this Sunday is Free to Serve. Being of service and serving is pivotal, I believe, in the human arena. What does it mean to serve? Back before I became a minister I was in between jobs. I needed to work but wasn’t sure what direction to take. I’ve always prayed, so I asked God for help – what should I do? The answer came through loud and clear from within me that almost yelled, “Serve.” Now, mind you I had polio at age 5 which destroyed my left shoulder muscle and upper arm muscles so I can’t lift my arm. I remember opening my eyes after hearing that loud response and saying, “What are you talking about? You know I can’t be a waitress!” Obviously, I was clueless as to what “Serve” truly meant!

Today I still go back to looking at my life and asking, “How may I serve?” It’s really about discovering and developing our talents (mine is not waitressing) so we can give freely and joyously to others. Since we are first and foremost spiritual beings, which is unlimited in nature, our talents and interests will change, grow and develop over time. Have you thought about what your current interests and talents are? If you are feeling at loose ends or have any lack of enthusiasm about life, now is the time to ask, “How may I serve?” Now, be prepared – you might just get a surprise answer! But that’s okay. Be willing to branch out to new territory. You know the fruit is always at the end of the branch. Pray, ask, and believe you can share and give from your whole and holy Self in ways that will bring you and others fulfillment and joy.

Say with me: “I am open and willing to serve and give in ways that delight myself and others. I am grateful to branch out to possible new territories knowing as I give, I also receive. And it is so.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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