Thought for the Week: Holy, holy, holy

I’m interested in focusing on prayer during the month of June. June brings with it Fa­ther’s Day and the most hon­ored prayer in the Christian tradition is the Lord’s Prayer which begins with “Our fa­ther”. Prayer is the most basic form of communing with our father/mother/source of what we are. In our day to day activi­ties it is tempting to look out at all the worldly activities and get caught up in the dramas that are ever before us. That is why it is so very important to start our day out on the solid footing of prayer.

Each one prays in their own way. I choose to pray in such a way that establishes me in union or one with this infinite being of unconditional love we call God. I know that as I see myself as God sees me I am ca­pable, empowered, loving, giv­ing, patient and kind. I encour­age you to go within your heart of hearts and commune there with your divine self. Then as you proceed about your day con­tinue to remember to check in with this Peace that is always available.

As you do that, know that your prayers are powerful. Your love centered thoughts will then extend out in the form of words and deeds. This is a drawing power that will re­spond with like kind back to you. Be open to trusting your higher power that is always en­couraging you to take another step up, grab the bar a little higher and reveal more of who and what you truly are.

Say with me: “I know I live in the love of God. This is a holy place where I am safe, secure, encouraged and empowered. I await with eager anticipation all that love prompts me to be and do this day. For this I am grateful. And it is so.


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