Thought for the Week: Let freedom ring

The Fourth of July holiday is here and with it comes a re­newed gratification of the blood, sweat, and tears our forefathers endured to bring the birth of the United States of America into realization. I have a calendar on my wall that has the quote: “Nothing great ever came that easy.” How very true! Birth­ing our nation was no easy task. Those hearty souls who were up for the task brought with them a deep sense of a connection with the Divine. They believed, re­lied upon, and openly acknowl­edged that Divine Providence worked in and through their lives. I believe that is why our nation has been strong and suc­cessful lo these many years. I was especially grateful for the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding freedom of speech.

Freedom is not something to be taken lightly. Freedom is one of the Divine qualities that is inher­ent in every one of us and when it is restricted or removed by governments, we feel it deep in our souls. Let us be exception­ally mindful of our freedom to simply be. Let us have renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Acknowledge and give thanks for being open and available to allowing the Infinite to work in and through your life this day. Feel the freedom of release from the past that might weigh you down and be brave in venturing out into new and unchartered territory. Like our forefathers, rely on Divine guidance and move forward knowing you are supported and able to do great things.

Say with me: “I am humble and grateful to live in these United States of America and give ex­ceeding praise for the wisdom written into our constitution securing and guaranteeing our rights. Let peace and freedom ring throughout the land.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Let freedom ring


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