Thought for the Week: Love brings life

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day, a tradition started in the United States in 1907 and by 1914 was declared a national holiday. On this day we honor our mothers, grandmothers, and those within our circle of influence that have or are giving us their love as only they can. This Sunday’s topic is “Love Brings Forth Life.” Love is the birthing element that creates, sustains, and renews all relationships.

Love can be sweet and supple or brave and bold. All of us, whether male or female, have the mothering instinct in us. There’s something about bringing forth new life, new energy, and new awareness that can spring us into broader horizons. What is happening in your world at this moment that is enticing you to reach deeper into your creative juices to birth a new form of life? Realize and recognize that by bringing it forth you are making a commitment to be there to nurture and allow this new creative element to take on a life of its own.

Love brings forth life but doesn’t smother it. There is an innate freedom given to one’s off-spring that revels in stepping back and giving space for them to bloom and blossom in their own unique way. I  find it interesting that the founder of the Mother’s Day celebration, Anna Jarvis, became disenchanted with the commercialism of the holiday and toward the end of her life actually worked at trying to stop the observance. However, as we all know, Life is about change. We cannot hold back the evolutionary process even if it takes twists and turns we would rather not take.

Turn within to your Higher Self, to the God of your Being, to be led and guided to giving and expressing your divine creativity to bring forth new life into this world of effects. Nurture it with all your heart and soul and then let and allow it to be free to grow and change as it wills.

Say with me: “I give thanks for mothers everywhere who give and nurture their off-spring in their own unique ways. I am also grateful for my own ability to bring forth life in new and creative means.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Love brings life


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