Thought for the Week: Many hearts, hands

When I think of our theme for the month, Bringing in the Harvest, I am reminded that our collective and combined efforts are needed and necessary. Therefore, this week’s message is entitled, Many Hearts & Many Hands. Yes, our lives are based on the individual consciousness we develop. Yes, we reap what we sow. Yes, we are always at choice to view and have our own individual perspective. Yet, since there is only One Life, the Life of God, each and every one of us is divinely connected one to another.

As our family moves through the grief of Burke’s unexpected physical departure from this earth plane at 39 years old, the number of people who have reached out in sympathy and prayer is truly, truly felt. I don’t even want to imagine what our lives would be like without this substance and support. So it is with pretty much everything in life – if we reach out and ask for help, help arrives. Therefore, if you are going through a troubled time, reach out to those close to you for aid and guidance.

I’m reminded at one point as I observed how astute and wise Burke was at an early age, I encouraged him to go back to college and pursue a career in counseling as I thought he would make a better psychologist than electrician. His response to me was, “Why would I want to sit around all day in an office listening to people’s problems!” He was always active in sports and loved being outside. He was right – yet again. Because in his chosen field, he rose to the top becoming a Journeyman electrician at 19 and a Project Manager for Southland Electric, working primarily with Cox Communications, for the past several years. As I was in their home watching Adilyn, I could hear him on the phone with people coaching and advising them how to do something – while he was out in the backyard practicing his golf swing.

Don’t be afraid to go where your heart leads. Follow your inner guidance, knowing if you can be a help or if you need help in any way, God will provide through and to you.

Say with me: “I realize there is One Life, the Life of God, and it is my life, and all lives, now and always. I am open to bringing forth my gifts to help others when needed and in turn gratefully accept help for me as well. Thank you, God, for living through me each and every day.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Many hearts, hands


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