Thought for the Week: May you be free

May is such a “merry month!” Spring is in full bloom and the weather is typically pleasing in San Diego County – just right for letting and allowing our divine nature to come forth into expression. Our divine nature sits in the seat of acceptance and not resistance. Our divine nature knows Life brings trials that many times strengthen us. Our divine nature sits in quiet repose, viewing the larger picture that goes beyond the immediate. Our divine nature loves unconditionally.

And when we sit in the seat of nonjudgment our divine nature brings us true and lasting freedom. How many times have I heard someone try to explain the feeling they get when they give up needing to control every aspect of their lives? More often than not it is like a huge weight is lifted from their shoulders and they feel lighter and free. It’s like we unknowingly drag these heavy chains from the past into each new baby moment. What a relief it is to simply let go and be available for the gifts Life continually brings. To do this takes moving up the ladder of spiritual maturity. It takes recognizing everyone is doing the very best they can at any given moment, and it is always best to give the benefit of doubt to others for we are not living in their shoes. It takes knowing at the very core there is unity and wholeness, balance, and order. It takes a deep knowing that we are loved by Something bigger than our individual self. It takes accepting this Love and letting It wash over our entire being which ferrets out our impurities and sets us aglow with peace and gratitude. Let’s remove the shackles we place on ourselves weighing us down unnecessarily so our spirits can be free to soar.

Say with me: “I am maturing every day by releasing judgment and simply accepting Life as it is. I was once blind but now I see. I let and allow the Divine to weave Its delights in and through me now.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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