Thought for the Week: Miracles happen

We are celebrating Easter this Sunday, the triumphant realization that Life does not end with a physical death but is transformed and moved into higher and greater levels of experience. Jesus taught us to say “yes” to the flow of Life, even and especially if that includes suffering and dying. He was not the great exception but the great example. Many want to avoid being placed on our own cross. Many want to avoid the dying away of our current life, however such must be the case if we are to have a resurrection experience. Miracles can and do happen all around us.

Miracles can happen in your own life when you are open and receptive. Bordon P. Browne write “The commonest event, say the fall of a leaf, is as supernatural in its causation as any miracle would be; for in both alike God would be equally implicated.” And to quote Roy Eugene Davis, “A miracle is an event that may seem impossible to explain by natural laws and is often regarded as supernatural. So-called miracles are actually produced by subtle natural laws that people whose consciousness is ordinary are not aware of or do not understand.

“Believe that supportive events that contribute to your highest good can and will occur. Believe in healing, freedom from troublesome conditions of all kinds that in any way cause you discomfort or limit you, and that you can experience rapid, progressive spiritual growth that culminates in complete illumination of your consciousness.”

Be expectant of and look for miracles working in and through your life this and every day. Believe and give thanks before the demonstration even occurs that God is blessing you in abundant measure.

Say with me: “I value my spiritual growth and know my consciousness is being elevated to rise above struggles and trials so that I may be the recipient of miracles this very day. I am blessed and grateful.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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