Thought for the Week: Open and curious

With the theme for the month of “Higher Education,” I feel it’s important to remember to be open and curious to both our own inner world as well as the world around us. For unless our consciousness is supple and available, we will miss the teachings Life brings forth.

One of the primary ways to be open is to drop the notion of thinking and saying, “I know that”. Granted there are some things in life we absolutely want to “know” – like how to drive a car, brush our teeth, or prepare a meal. But be aware of becoming too set in your ways of “knowing,” that you miss going deeper into the Realities of Life.

Being open and curious means we are teachable. It means we can sometimes say, “I don’t know” without feeling inadequate. It means we drop preconceived judgments of self and others and can live more fully in the eternal now. Being curious about not only the material world around us but also the spiritual world that is first cause, opens our eyes and hearts in ways we cannot fathom from an intellectual standpoint.

So, open your mind and heart this week to talk to a tree to ask for its wisdom. Feel the Divine Energy running through your veins and ask for Its guidance and direction. Expect new and exciting experiences and people to come into your life that will generate more love, more compassion, more understanding and joy you can share with others.

Say with me: “I realize I’m a student of Life and am therefore open and curious as to what I can learn, how I can grow, and what more I can give from this unlimited infinite Self that I am. Life is good and I am grateful.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Open and curious


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