Thought for the Week: Outlet of life

Life, another term for God, the Infinite, Source, Over-Soul and so forth is all-in-all, the alpha and omega. It includes everyone and everything from the beginning of time through eternity. This Life is always seeking Self-expression, that’s why It created form and everything in the material world. This Life is all inclusive meaning it accepts and embraces all. As we grow in our spiritual maturity, we too yearn to be inclusive. One of the first things we must learn to include and accept is our humanness. Meaning even though we wish we were perfect we all fall short. We fall short primarily to our egos wishes and desires. And as we grow in wisdom, we realize that’s not a bad thing. Yes, at our core we are whole and perfect and divine, yet we go through a learning curve of accepting that even the divine embraces flaws. So you are, right now, learning, growing, and becoming your greatest yet to be. You are a unique and beautiful outlet of the Divine, of Life Itself. Don’t be afraid to do some self-examination. If you have “missed the mark” (sinned) and need to make amends, do so. Don’t linger in self-denial or self-criticism but get the lesson and move on. If you feel someone has harmed or hurt you, turn the other cheek and know they were only coming from the best they could manage at the time based on their conscious evolution. Forgive and release the past. It’s healthier for you that way.

Get to know what feeds your soul, what brings you joy at a core level and then give it away. Give, pressed down and flowing over from your fullness within. That’s what Life does all the time!

Say with me: “I know I am evolving and growing in my spiritual awareness and acceptance. My life, and all Life, is the Life of God and I am happy and eager to express my fullness here and now. And it is so.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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