Thought for the Week: Peace

With our hearts brimming over with the acceptance of the Christ child of love and light, the blessed peace of God rests in smiling repose within and around us. This feeling of total peace is deliciously indescribable, yet what a joy to experience! I remember having these zenith moments when, it’s as though I am out of my body and simply observing the Life that is going on around me with quiet acceptance. Nothing is wrong. Nothing has to be fixed. This is total peace.

This is what God wants all of us to experience – peace on earth, good will for all. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this gift of peace for all could actually be accepted and lived? It would mean there are no more “problems” to solve. Sound like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? For in the day to day living of life, “problems” to solve is a common denominator. And yet what if we changed the word “problem” to opportunity, challenge or opening? What if we simply sat back, opened our heart, mind and soul to the opportunity before us and allowed the Divine Presence of God within us to step forth and do the works as needed through us?

This takes trust and letting go. This takes surrender of my will to thy will. This takes allowing Life to unfold from within a quiet place of peace and serenity. Why not set the intention to live from this place and just see what happens? I invite you not only this coming week, but in the New Year to come, that you let the peace of God be upon you. One person can make a tremendous difference. Let that person be you this day.

Say with me: “I vow to let and allow my higher God-Self to direct my ways and means. I trust with God all things are possible. I release tension and open to the sweet peace that eternally dwells within and around me. I let go and know that all is well. And it is so.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Peace


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