Thought for the Week: Power by Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

We are all souls traveling through space and time evolv­ing, growing, changing and be­coming more of our true authen­tic selves. The way and means we do this is by the choices we make at every moment. There are two sides to us; one is the hu­man personality, which many times can be “splintered” expe­riencing fear and relinquish­ing its power to outside forces. The other side of us is our soul’s authentic power which always comes from love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.

Authentic empowerment comes from being aware of our feelings, not suppressing them, but simply being aware of them. Not being carried away with them, but simply noticing, ac­knowledging and asking “why do I feel this way?” It is only as it is revealed, can it be healed, and thus we obtain clarity.

Clarity comes from choosing to learn from wisdom rather than fear. Clarity allows you to experience your fellow humans with compassion instead of with judgment. Clarity evaporates fear. The authentically empow­ered personality sees the perfec­tion of each situation. Wherever it looks, it sees the hand of God. This is living in Love, for Love is the energy of the soul. Humble­ness, forgiveness, clarity and love are the dynamics of free­dom. They are the foundation of authentic power.

Say with me: “As I travel this road of life I do so by being con­scious and aware of my inten­tions and feelings. I utilize wis­dom and obtain clarity when I respond to life’s situations with patience and non-judgment of self and others. It is from this vantage I evolve to being great­er Love in expression and feed the deep yearnings of my soul. Life is good and very good and so it is.”


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