Thought for the Week: Practicing the Presence

We’ve been focusing on 4th di­mensional living this month which brings us up and beyond the physi­cal world of form to the spiritual realm. Knowing and doing are two different and distinct things. It’s one thing to know intellectually about spiritual matters but bringing that knowledge into practical life demonstrations and experiences is quite another.

Practicing the Presence of God, Spirit, Divine Energy, whatever name you want to call It takes in­tention and devotion. Making our spiritual life a priority is a basic requirement to living in the 4th di­mension. When we put God first in our lives, we acknowledge there is a power within and around us only wanting for our highest and best good. This Presence does not typi­cally announce Itself with bells and whistles. No, it is subtle, speaking in a “still small voice” to our heart and soul.

One must first have interest and faith that the Kingdom of the In­finite is here, right where we are at every moment of every day. As we unite with this pure whole and holy energy, we are teachable. But like anything else in life to be­come proficient at it takes practice. Many may have a morning regime of reading the Bible or other spiri­tual materials and saying a quick prayer. But then they go about the balance of their day without thought of spiritual matters.

If you are truly interested in liv­ing in the 4th dimension where you abide in unconditional love, deep peace and utilize spiritual wisdom, it takes checking in with your inner Higher Self periodically through­out the day. It takes acknowledg­ing, accepting and praising God’s divine hand and guidance at every hour of every day.

Say with me: “I now dedicate myself to daily and hourly prac­ticing the Presence of the Divine and see It perfectly and beautifully working through every aspect of my life and affairs. For this I am ever so grateful. And it is so.”

— Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Practicing the Presence


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