Thought for the Week: Road less traveled

Our journey through life presents countless opportuni­ties to select one path or road over another. The topic for this Sunday’s message is “The Road Less Traveled”. There are many levels and layers to this concept, the first being that we are all at choice each and every moment of our lives as to the “road” we travel down. What does that really mean? Not only does it refer to a physical type of road such as choosing one career path over another, what city or state to live in, whom we would choose as a mate, and on and on. But it also refers to our individual choices on a non-physical level as well; that be­ing the choices we make in our attitudes, expectations, ideals and ultimately consciousness.

Robert Frost’s epic poem, “The Road Not Taken”, written in 1915 comes to mind. It was initially written as a spoof for his friend and fellow poet, Ed­ward Thomas, as they would of­ten walk together and Thomas would invariably have indeci­sion as to which path to take. Frost was surprised, however, that neither Thomas, nor the vast majority of the population took it as a farce, but seriously.

How many times in our lives have we lamented over the choices we did not take? And yet, the road we chose took us to where we are today in some form or fashion. We are all in­dividuals traveling the roads of life alone at times and shoulder to shoulder at other times. The one constant, however, is the di­vine energy found within each one of us that is infinite in Its giving nature. As we come in alignment with Its will and na­ture, grace is cast upon us and we realize regret is a pointless path leading us down a dark and unsatisfying hole.

Say with me: “The choices that I make are the way that I create the life that I experience, day by day. I choose freedom from doubt and in its place find sweet and satisfying peace.”

— Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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