Thought for the Week: Teach only love

A Course in Miracles Made Easy says: “At every moment you are teaching love or you are teaching fear. There are no other lessons. Ultimately teach­ing and learning are one.” We are all teachers and students. We teach by the way we carry ourselves and the quality of our being.

What are the important things to you in your life? Where do you place your values? What qualities do you aspire to achieve and experience? I think one uni­versal desire that humankind seeks is peace, plain and simple; peace of mind, peace in our bod­ies, peace in our relationships and peace in our hearts. The Course says: “When you have accepted your mission to extend peace you will find peace.”

When we accept ourselves just as we are, with “warts and all”, it is easier to accept oth­ers as they are as well. When we accept and love ourselves we can extend that love to others in a peaceful, non-demanding way. Love is what we are made from and of. Love is kind, giv­ing and generous, yet not pushy and overbearing. It is encourag­ing, patient, strong and resilient. Seek to extend those qualities first and foremost to yourself and then let it flow with grace to others.

Say with me: “I am made of love, as is everyone. I am here to extend this love that I am out to all and in so doing I receive it back. This practice gives me soul satisfying inner peace that makes my heart sing with grat­itude and joy. Life is good and very good. And it is so.”


Thought for the Week: Teach only love


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