Thought for the Week: The first fruits

This month we have been harvesting what we have reaped – harvesting what we have sown. When we sow peace, joy, love and the other “fruits” of the Spirit, we experience a bountiful harvest of such blessings. We come into this world with nothing other than the gift of Life from God our heavenly Father-Mother-Creator. We will leave this earth plane bringing nothing with us but the consciousness that we have developed along the way. Everything is on “loan” to us, save our consciousness. It behooves us then to be “poor in spirit” – meaning removing earthly desires and continually giving back our “first fruits” to where we are fed spiritually.

Prioritizing and living by our heavenly spiritual values sets us in the seat of being a blessing in this world. Do you know where you are spiritually fed? Do you recognize and honor the institutions or individuals that bring you the fruits and gifts of the Spirit? Then with an open heart and mind give back to them your first fruits. That means tithe, give back with joy and gratitude at least 10% of your funds, your energy, your way of being. As you give, so shall you receive. Life is reciprocal; it is circular; it feeds off Itself. Remember you truly own nothing. Everything and I mean everything is a gift from the Holy Spirit. And the truth is we cannot ever outgive God.

As you bring your tithes to the altar of Life, the love you demonstrate will be returned to you 100-fold. I always think it’s fun to consider where I have been fed spiritually and each time I receive income I send 10% of the gross to that institution or person. As Life changes, the recipients of my tithe changes. Sometimes it’s to one place and sometimes it’s split between more than one. Think about where you are being fed spiritually and make it a habit to give back your first fruits there. Say with me: “I value my time on earth as a loan from God the Father and therefore joyfully give what I have with mindfulness and love. Life is good and I am grateful. And it is so.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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