Thought for the Week: The Star

The Christmas story holds so many wonderful truths and this week our focus is on the light, or the star that appears to mark and guide those to the baby’s place of birth. How much more universal of a symbol could God choose than a most dominant star from above leading the way for those who wish to worship the Christ?

In the beginning “God saw that light was good.” (Genesis 1:3). Richard Rohr in his book, The Universal Christ, states: “Scientists have discovered that what looks like darkness to the human eye is actually filled with tiny particles called “neu­trinos,” slivers of light that pass through the entire universe. John’s Gospel was more accu­rate than we realized when he described Christ as “a light that darkness cannot overcome” (1:5). Knowing that the inner light of things cannot be eliminated or destroyed is deeply hopeful.”

There is within everything and everyone this light of pure being, a light that casts out all darkness. Rohr also stated: “Re­member, light is not so much what you directly see as that by which you see everything else.” This Christmas season and es­pecially this coming week, seek to use your inner sight to see a right. Accept the light within you to see with the eyes of God, to see the goodness, grace and glory that is intricately woven through all of nature and in ev­ery being – including friend and foe alike.

As I write this, I am drawn to cast my eyes outside and there I am greeted with a hint of pink in the sky. Rising from my chair to get a clearer view to the east, I see the most beau­tiful sun rise! What a prolific and poignant gift of God’s hand­iwork! Each and every day, in every hour, God is providing Its light to encourage and guide us back to our source, back to this Christ presence that unites God and mankind as one.

Say with me: “I now open my eyes and heart to being divinely led by the guiding light God has placed within me. The light of pure love, joining me with my creator, casts out all darkness and I see all is well with my soul. And it is so.”

— Rev. Gay Beauregard, Al­pine Church of Spiritual Living


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