Thought for the Week: Transcendence

The theme for this month is “Release and Reveal”. This is based on the recognition that we come into this life primarily as a spiritual being housed in a physical “body suit” for whatever period of time we have on this earth plane. As a spiritual being, we are whole, complete and perfect. Through the process of living in this physical world, we take on all sorts of conditionings. Our physical, mental and emotional bodies scream for attention, so naturally the maturity of us live primarily in those realms.

To make ourselves comfortable and feel safe, most of the time we put on masks so to speak to hide our true divine nature. We create “comfort zones” from which to live. All of these antics tend to hide and cover up our true essence to the point that we don’t even know the splendor that resides beneath the surface.

Thus, in order to transcend and move above and beyond the physical, we need to let go and release the persona we have built. This isn’t easy and takes consistent intention. As we let go of the need to control, access and judge, we are available to live in the moment. Then if we are receptive, we can hear the still small voice deep within our souls that is there to lead and guide us always to our highest good.

Each time we release the lower self, we reveal the Higher Self within. From this Higher Self or the I Am state, spiritual guidance comes to and through us. We become an open channel of love and light. The grace of God is continuously bestowed upon us and we experience peace that passes understanding. Yes, there will likely be challenges we face however, they will be handled as we allow the divine within us to take the reins.

Say with me: “I now release all the masks I’ve placed on myself and easily and gently experience transcendence to a higher realm where the grace of God provides for my every need. For this I am ever

— Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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