Thought for the Week: Unconditional love

We celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday and what a better day than to focus on Unconditional Love as our topic! Love is the power, the creative impulse, generating and sustaining all of Life. Love har­monizes, smooths out the rough edges and makes all things new. Love is what we are here to be and experience.

Be aware, however, that this is an Unconditional Love leading, guiding and sustaining us. Our egoic mind may wish to make de­mands, expectations and confine Love in tiny acceptable boxes. Take heed and be aware when these tendencies spring forth. Recognize and realize conditional love is not love at all but control and fear rearing its ugly head.

There is within us a power of will. This is the urge to express, decide and achieve. It is the way in which we individualize our God-Self. It comes forth from our thinking nature. To produce the highest and best our head and hearts must be united. God’s will is always Goodwill. God’s will can be found within our heart and soul.

John Randolph Price wrote: “When will is brought into align­ment with love, your vision be­comes broader, and your con­sciousness is lifted into a higher vibration. The drive of will com­bined with the energy of love from the heart center makes you a Lightbearer – a blessing to ev­eryone within the range of your consciousness. Also, the will-to- Good (the unity of will and love), will transform absolute passivity into spiritual action.”

Say with me: ”I love the Self I was created to be and express only unconditional love for myself and all. I bring the light touch to each and every encounter. And it is so.”

Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Unconditional love


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