Thought for the Week: Unlimited spirit

As the earth turns, we get to experience the wonderful effects of summer! The fruit is ripening on the vine with beautiful produce of reds, greens and yellows. The earth is truly an out picturing of an abundant and unlimited host. The Kingdom is truly at hand in full measure at each and every moment. Therefore, I have chosen as the Theme for August, “Living in the Kingdom” with this Sunday’s message being “You Are Unlimited Spirit”.

There is a place, deep within each of us, that is the silent observer, the silent knower, the silent infinite unlimited Spirit that has never known limitation, disease, lack or restriction of any kind. This Spirit is whole, complete and perfect. It encompasses all of Reality. For the most part, the majority of us are naïve to Its presence. Primarily when we become still, quieting the incessant mind, can we be available to Its beckoning.

Living from this place at every moment is the goal. Giving up our established identity with who we think we are and enlarging our territory helps make living in the Kingdom a reality. For the Kingdom is always present, in full force, right within our heart and soul.

Many have likened the human experience to that of being a wave on the ocean. The wave has the composition of the ocean with all its elements, yet it rises and falls, is seen and unseen at various times. But as the 13th century Persian Poel Rumi wrote: “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the

ocean in a drop.” Our true essence is a difficult task for our finite mind to comprehend. But as we explore this arena more deeply this month, and specifically this week, I trust you will recognize the vastness of your Being. You can catch my Sunday messages on You Tube or @

Say with me: “I am unlimited Spirit with potential beyond my current recognition. I am willing to drop my self-imposed limitations and live in the Kingdom within and around me.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine

Church of Spiritual Living

Thought for the Week: Unlimited spirit


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