Thought for the Week: Wishing or doing

Have you ever wished for something? Of course! We all have! Wishing and Hoping was a popular song in the 1960s. The song goes: “Wishing and hoping, thinking and praying each night of his charms won’t get you into his arms. All you gotta do is hold him and kiss him and love him and show him that you care.” We have a couple of sayings in New Thought: “Treat (or Pray) and move your feet”; “God can only do for you what It can do through you.” In other words, just like the ‘60’s song, you gotta DO something to bring about a desired result.

God is Spirit and that Spirit lives, move and has Its being within us. It has been said we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. The Bible tells us we are the hands and feet of God. In other words, in this three-dimensional experience called earth, we are the physical manifestation of the Divine and as such it takes physical action to bring about the desires of our hearts.

Now I’m not saying that planning is not involved. In fact, stating what we want in a positive affirmation and feeling the feeling of it already being accomplished sets the action of the corresponding energy in motion towards us. Jesus the Christ said, “It is done unto you as you believe.” Belief and acceptance are necessary elements. Upon doing that part, become open and receptive for the next move, the next action to take on your part. Also be aware that there will be unplanned events, serendipitous events that will occur seemingly out of the blue. However, this is just the cosmic forces bringing forth divine appointments and circumstances.

Say with me: “I state my intentions with confidence and clarity. I then do my part taking the next appropriate action toward the fulfilling of my desires. Always thanking God for this or something better.”

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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