Thought for the Week: With you always

This month our theme is “Go Within” as we are highlighting the value of our meditation practice. Quieting our mind and bodies is essential for spiritual growth for it is as we go within to the stillness and quiet that we truly tap into the center of all existence. The immediate world around us is a reflection of our consciousness – as within so without. How important it is to have our internal compass and focus be guided and illumined from the ever present love and wisdom from our heavenly Father within.

When Jesus left his disciples the  final time he said, “Take courage and be of good cheer, for I am with you always.” He was saying this to a group of men who would be imprisoned, despised, killed. Jesus knew that, yet said, “Be of good cheer.” “I Am with You Always” is the topic for this Sunday’s message. The great I Am can never be taken from us, for It is our very essence. It is up to us, however, to lean upon It; to make friends and have an ongoing acquaintance and relationship with It. There’s an old song I used to sing in the Methodist church that had the phrase: “O what peace we often forfeit. O what needless pain we bear. All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.” We suffer needless pain and forfeit peace when we think we must handle everything on our own. But the truth is we are not alone. In fact, we are to be of good cheer!

As we go within and seek our divine friend, we are supple and teachable. It’s important to have the right attitude, one of humble expectancy. It’s also important to go within on a consistent, daily basis. The more we communicate with our I Am, the easier it is to hear Its voice amid the clamor of the world. Let your heart be cracked open to hear the loving, encouraging words that will be spoken to you. Say with me: “I quiet my mind and heart to go within to hear and feel my Divine I Am that is always with me. I sing praises of joy and am of good cheer knowing and accepting all is well. And it is so.

—Rev. Gay Beauregard, Alpine Church of Spiritual Living


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