Yearbooks are important mementos


Reaching senior year of high school or college is something to celebrate. It means that graduation is on the horizon and another chapter in students’ lives will soon come to a close, with a new one likely to begin shortly thereafter.

School- and graduation-related traditions abound, from homecoming games to dances to class rings, and it can be difficult to figure out how to spend one’s time. While celebrations may look a little different this year due to the pandemic, yearbooks can offer a sense of normalcy for soon-to-be graduates.

The yearbook experts at say the average cost of a yearbook is around $75 nationwide. Even though yearbooks may be somewhat costly, they can be valuable mementos of time spent in school. Here are various reasons why yearbooks make for important, cherished mementos.

  • A yearbook will serve as a time capsule for trends, interests and newsworthy events that unfolded during students’ time in school.
  • Yearbooks promote a sense of school pride and unity. Families that will have multiple generations at

Tending the same school may share the unity of being a part of one school and can compare yearbooks from various years.

  • Sections of the yearbook are devoted to student accomplishments and can herald happy, productive days.
  • Yearbooks promote social interaction, not only when students become part of yearbook production committees, but also when asking classmates to sign their yearbooks.
  • In the future, yearbooks will present a way to remember old friends’ names and can facilitate reconnecting through social media or another avenue.


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