Celebrating PB&J with lions, tigers and bears


Joel Anderson

The beloved bears of Alpine’s famous exotic animal sanctuary enjoyed a special treat this April courtesy of Supervisor Joel Ander­son and two local business owners. More than 100 attendees gathered at Lions Tigers & Bears on National PB&J Day to watch the bears chow down on a 6-foot-long sandwich crafted by the Jellybear Jelly Com­pany and Deanna’s Gluten Free Bakery.

Anderson had the opportunity to personally feed Liberty, a black bear who was removed from a Los Angeles forest because she learned how to sneak food away from camp­grounds. Bears who become de­pendent on human food are often euthanized due to the danger they present to campers— but thanks to Lions Tigers & Bears, Liberty was given a second chance and found a home with the sanctuary’s other rescued animals (and got to enjoy a favorite human snack!).

Lions Tigers & Bears has pro­vided a haven to abused and aban­doned animals from across the country since 2002. The sanctu­ary provides home to more than 60 animals including lions, tigers, grizzly and Himalayan black bears, and even leopards. The non-profit operates on 93 acres of natural land­scape right on the edge of Alpine and the Cleveland National Forest. Since its inception 19 years ago, Li­ons Tigers & Bears has functioned as a No Kill, No Breed, No Contact animal rescue and education facil­ity. The rescued animals get to live in a safe and peaceful environment while Lions Tigers & Bears employ­ees educate the public on the impor­tance of ending exotic animal trade.

On PB&J Day, Anderson also awarded a certificate of recognition to Bobbi Brink, the founder and director of Lions Tigers & Bears. Every sanctuary volunteer also received their own certificate rec­ognizing their hard work. “Thank you to Bobbi and her team for their outstanding dedication to providing these animals a safe and beautiful habitat,” Anderson commended. “East County is lucky to have such an incredible animal sanctuary and educational opportunity in our own backyard.”

Interested in learning more about San Diego’s only accredited big cat and bear sanctuary? Visit www.li­onstigersandbears.org for more in­formation.


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