Contract approved for Sunrise Highway guardrail replacements

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors authorized a construction contract which will include replacing at least two guardrails along Sunrise Highway.
The supervisors’ 4-0 vote June 5, with Greg Cox at the National Association of Counties conference, authorized the advertisement for bid and subsequent award of a construction contract to replace existing guardrails and provide end treatments throughout the unincorporated portion of the county. The bid package is structured with a base bid consisting of the minimum number of locations and a group of additive alternatives, or locations which can be added to the contract should funding permit.
“I’m happy to report that we are maintaining guardrails along our roads to enhance driver safety in the county,” said Supervisor Jim Desmond.
Each year the county’s Department of Public Works repairs, installs, and replaces guardrails and end sections along roads where guardrails have been damaged or where DPW has determined the greatest need to upgrade existing guardrails to current design standards. The base list has five locations while two locations are on the additive alternative list. The base bid will replace the existing rail for 425 feet along Sunrise Highway 1,855 feet south of Milepost 17.0 and will replace the existing railing and provide end treatments for the 600-foot segment 1,230 feet south of Milepost 17.0. If the first additive alternative is part of the contract 400 feet of guardrail along Sunrise Highway 110 feet north of Milepost 17.0 will be replaced and the ends will be treated. The second additive alternative would replace the existing railing and provide end treatments for 200 feet of Sunrise Highway 700 feet northeast of Milepost 17.0.
A prior year balance in the county’s Road Fund will provide the $300,000 to cover the estimated costs including contingency to replace the guardrails.
The design for the guard¬rail replacements is complete. During the construction period traffic control measures will be in place to limit impacts to travelers and the community, and prior to the construction work road signs will notify the public of the location and the approximate dates of the work. The construction is scheduled to begin in fall 2019 and be complete by the end of Calendar Year 2019.


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