Descanso Town Hall readies for second year of highlighting services

After a first good year, the Descanso Town Hall Association is holding its second annual Wedding & Party Planning Potpourri on Jan. 28, 2023, from noon to 3 p.m. This free event is designed not only to showcase the Town Hall as a party destination, but also highlights local caterers, florist, photographers, wedding and party planners, musicians, DJs, decorators, and more said Descanso Town Hall rental coordinator Rebecca Toth.

Toth said, although last minute, the inaugural event went extremely well.

“People learned more about local caterers and other local people who provide services who do not get to promote their services as much as they work more in our area,” she said. “We had 18 vendors there. We extended the event longer and had around 50 people attended that day.”

Toth said the vendors did very well in booking services at the event.

“This year, we know more about running an event like this, I am inviting 25 vendors, so there will be some new people there promoting their businesses,” she said. “We are putting it together like they used to do wedding conventions, but this is for all events. If they need a cake, decorations, wedding planner, things like that, this is what this is but only on a smaller scale. And it is a free event for attendees and the vendors. We want this event to benefit everyone.”

Toth said the Town Hall already has 15 bookings for event next year and said that is just “the tip of the iceberg” because booking for the Town Hall is picking up rapidly.

“The Hall will be there for looking for having events. We will give the tour of the hall and provide information on what is included in the rentals and show them everything that we can offer,” she said.

To attend the event RSVP to

Toth said the Association is getting ready to hold its 2022 Annual Christmas free dinner for its members and community guests on Dec. 17. To find out more about membership or to RSVP for the dinner, email secretary@


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