Man admits to attempted murder

A Dulzura man pleaded guilty Dec. 11 to three counts of pre­meditated attempted murder in the poisoning of his wife who is a former teacher at Campo El­ementary School.

Race Remington Uto, 28, is ex­pected to receive a prison term of 21 years to life, said Deputy District Attorney Paul Reizen.

Reizen said Uto will receive seven years on each count which will be run consecutively. El Ca­jon Superior Court Judge Rob­ert Amador set sentencing for March 14, 2019.

Brigida Uto, 28, became ill in Sept., 2017 with persistent nau­sea and vomiting, but the cause was not properly diagnosed initially, according to court records.

After numerous tests in a hos­pital in March, she was found with extremely high levels of Thallium, which is a heavy met­al similar to mercury and lead. It has been used in rat poisoning and as an ant killer.

Thallium has been banned for sale in the U.S. and Race Uto purchased it twice on the Internet. He admitted o putting the drug in her food in Aug. and Dec., 2017, and in January.

Court records say searches of Thallium research were found on his cell phone. Thallium has been classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the U.S. government.

Brigida Uto’s symptoms be­came worse before she was diagnosed and she developed chronic pain. She did not have the strength to walk or open a door for awhile, according to court records.

Reizen said Thallium poison­ing is hard to detect because it is odorless and tasteless. The judge signed a protective order that bans Race Uto from con­tacting his wife and some rela­tives.

The couple began dating in 2008 and married in 2015. They purchased a home in Dulzura. She taught at Campo Elemen­tary on Buckman Springs Road.

Race Uto remains in jail on $2 million bail.

Man admits to attempted murder


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