Tree planting process streamlined for county parks


The San Diego County Board of Supervisors authorized the process to issue contracts for the planting of approximately 3,500 trees at county parks.

The supervisors voted 5-0 May 19 to authorize the director of the coun­ty’s Department of Purchasing and Contracting to take the necessary actions to advertise and award con­tracts for the Comprehensive Tree Program. The director of the coun­ty’s Department of Parks and Recre­ation was designated as the county officer responsible for administering the contracts, and the supervisors’ action also found the project exempt from California Environmental Qual­ity Act review.

The Department of Parks and Recreation manages approximately 56,000 acres of land and 380 miles of multi-use trails at more than 150 locations. Although trees provide shade, beauty, and wildlife habitat many trees are lost due to drought or wood-boring insects and the coun­ty implemented the Comprehensive Tree Program which identifies pri­ority areas where trees are needed. More than 22,000 trees have been planted in county parks since 2016.

“I’m just extremely thankful for this Comprehensive Tree Program,” said Supervisor Terra Lawson-Re­mer.

The contracts will provide for the purchase of approximately 3,500 trees from multiple vendors along with the removal of dead and dis­eased trees, installation of water­ing systems, and the equipment needed to plant and maintain the trees. Local non-profit, service, and volunteer groups will partner with the county department to plant some of the trees. Depart­ment of Parks and Recreation staff will maintain the trees after they have been planted.

The estimated cost of the con­tracts including contingency is $2 million. General fund money will be used for the costs.

The planting of the trees is ex­pected to begin in June 2021 and be complete in winter 2022.

Tree planting process streamlined for county parks


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