More weight for Padre Dam

The San Diego County Wa­ter Authority has a weighted vote allocation for actions taken by the SDCWA board, and the weighted vote had used incre­ments of 1/100 of a percent.

When the CWA board ap­proved the 2020 weighted vote allocations Nov. 21 the incre­ment was changed to 1/1000 of a percent, which will give the Padre Dam Municipal Wa­ter District a slightly higher weighted vote in 2020 than the district had for 2019 meetings.

Padre Dam had 2.70 percent of the weighted vote for this year’s meetings and will have 2.704 percent in 2020. The member vote entitlement is calculated based on the total cumulative financial contribution from each agency since the CWA was created in 1944. The contribu­tion amount includes all taxes, assessments, fees, and charges paid to or on behalf of the CWA by property located within the member agency’s boundary through the June 30 end of the previous fiscal year.


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